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NRHS Fund Approved Financial Documents

Spring 2024 Conference, Cedar Rapids, IA

February 2024 Emergency Board Meeting, Online

December 2023 Emergency Board Meeting, Online

Fall 2023 National Convention, Deerfield Beach, FL

Spring 2023 Conference, Online

Fall 2022 Conference, Springdale, AR

Summer 2022 Convention, Buena Park, CA

Spring 2022 Conference, Online Meeting

Fall 2021 Conference, Ronkonkoma, NY

Summer 2021 Convention, Milwaukee, WI

Spring 2021 Conference, Online Meeting

February 27 2021 Officers Meeting

Fall 2020 Conference, Online Meeting

2020 Annual Membership Meeting - Online

Summer 2020 Meeting - not held

Spring 2020 Meeting, (Cincinnati, OH) - Changed to Online Meeting, June 28th

Fall 2019 Meeting (Dallas, TX)

2019 Convention (Salt Lake City, UT)

Spring 2019 Meeting (Birmingham, AL)

Fall 2018 Meeting (Scranton, PA)

Summer 2018 Meetings (Cumberland, MD)

Spring 2018 Meeting (St. Louis, MO)

Fall 2017 Meeting (Kansas City, MO)

Summer 2017 Meeting (Nashville, TN)

Spring 2017 Meeting (Claymont, DE)

Fall 2016 Meeting (Portland, OR)

Summer 2016 (Denver, CO)

Spring 2016 Meeting (Cumberland, MD)

Fall 2015 Meeting (Utica, NY)

Summer 2015 Meeting (Rutland, VT)

Spring 2015 Meeting (York, PA)

Winter 2015 Meeting (Roanoke, VA)

Fall 2014 Meeting (Johonson City, TN)

2014 Fall Special Meeting Materials (Mt. Laurel, NJ)

June 11-15, 2014 Meeting (Springdale, Arkansas)

Spring 2014 Meeting - Lewisburg, PA

January 11-12, 2014 Meeting (St. Louis, Missouri)

November 9-10, 2013 Meeting (Claymont, Delaware)

October 5, 2013 Meeting (Mt. Holly, New Jersey)

2013 Convention Meeting Materials (Anchorage, Alaska)

2013 Summer Meeting Materials (Bloomington, Minnesota)

2013 Spring Meeting Materials (Cincinnati, Ohio)

2013 Winter Meeting Materials (Williamsbug, Virginia)

2012 Fall Meeting Materials (Claymont, Delaware)

2012 Summer Meeting Materials (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

2011 Summer Meeting Materials (Tacoma, WA)

2011 Spring Meeting Materials (Urbana, IL)

2011 Winter Meeting Materials (Williamsburg, VA)

2010 Summer Meeting Materials (Scranton, PA)

2010 Winter Meeting Materials (Charleston, SC)

2009 Fall Meeting Materials (St. Louis, MO)

2009 Summer Meeting Materials (Duluth, MN)

2009 Spring Meeting Materials (Norwalk, CT)

2009 Winter Meeting Materials (Philadelphia, PA)